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5935071903650 30/10/2015 13:05
zachu Senior Member
Originally Posted ByBella Administrator
I.     Introduction
II.    Posting Guideline
III.   Usage Rules for User Accounts
IV.    Penalty Rules
V.     Complaints and Punishments
VI.    Disclaimer

I.  Introduction

The Meizu Indian forum is specifically designed for users and fans in India. We are committed to providing users with an increasingly favorable online platform for communication, interaction and sharing. Each and every step of progress of the forum would not be possible without the support and participation of every user. We believe that  it is our common goal to maintain an orderly forum environment and create a good atmosphere together.


Compliance with Laws and Regulations
“Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.” The rules aim not to restrict freedom of expression, but to allow freedom to everyone while promoting sustainable development of the forum. It is recommended that you comply with laws and regulations and carefully express your personal views on subjects that others might find offensive.
The sea can hold the water from thousands of rivers and it's so large because of its capacity. An atmosphere of harmony and equality is what we’ve been advocating and seeking to achieve for the forum. We hope MEIZU fans can be more open-minded, tolerant, and friendly to each other, and work together to build a harmonious cyber community.
Innovation is not only the life blood for product development, but also the cornerstone for the existence of a community. Only persistent output of content can enable us to go faster and longer.
Passion for Smartphone Development
We can fully demonstrate our personal abilities and tap into the functionality of smartphones here, and learn from and share with each other. As long as we stick together, we can witness the infinite possibilities of Meizu devices.


Independent thinking should be essential for each of us, and we should encourage different opinions and attitudes. We should form our own opinions before making a judgment, rather than merely echo others’ views.
Ours is not a place with rigid standards. Everybody can have his/her own favorite products and hold different views; and should discuss matters as they actually are presented instead of attacking each other due to differences.
Excessive Ridicule
We welcome reasonable criticisms and suggestions; even occasional mild ridicule which causes no harm. But never go to extremes. Unconstructive ridicule and criticism can be disturbing. With a little more understanding and tolerance, we will find life to be so much more pleasant.
Disregard for Copyrights
Any sharing will be based on the full respect of copyrights so as to allow the creators of the intellectual property to gain their financial rewards.

II.  Posting Guideline

(I)  Introduction to the forum
We encourage high-quality topics and friendly interactions and please remember to publish your posts in the relevant sections:
1.        The Product section is limited only to topics about Meizu products.
2.        Please send firmware releases and discussions, feedback on system bugs and software updates to the Flyme section.
The moderator and administrator of the forum have the right to move, close or revoke posts that are published in wrong sections. Any user who receives many notices but ignores them will be warned or directly banned from posting, and relevant topics and replies deleted.

(II)  Regulations on Content
1.        Abide by the laws and regulations. Do not post contents about politics, violence, pornography, radicalism, superstition, post statements that intimidate people, or participate in any gambling that violates pertinent state laws and regulations.
2.        Be friendly. Do not slander, insult, curse or attack others in posts, or release content related to the private information of others without their permission.
3.        Respect copyrights. Do not distribute content involved in copyright disputes, such as sharing or providing downloaded music or videos, or cracked software.
4.        Originality is encouraged. It is required to indicate sources with the word “repost” for reposting or citing others’ work.
5.        Reply responsibly. Do not flood the forum with meaningless posts or rush to be the first to reply and post only emoticons or copy irrelevant content.
6.        Do not gang up for personal gain, or publish and advertise SNS groups without permission (including but not limited to group numbers, recruitment information, and contradictory posts).
7.        Create a clean atmosphere. Do not publish any form of advertisements or promotions without the permission and authorization of the forum.
8.        Build a harmonious cyber community together. Do not release content that defames or ridicules Meizu, stirs up trouble, incites users, or tends to cause controversies.
9.        Release new information prudently. Do not distribute content that has not been officially or publicly confirmed by Meizu but contains official news, official disclosures, or concerns Meizu business information.
In case of violation of the above regulations, the forum moderator will move relevant posts to the recycle bin. Further punishment will be handed out for multiple violations or serious cases of noncompliance.

III.  Usage Rules for User Accounts
MEIZU fans are requested to use civilized and standard usernames and avatars to avoid the appearance of the following content:
1.        Content or pictures that attack or insult party or state leaders, or concern politics or pornography.
2.        Uncivil, unhealthy or misleading content that involves ambiguity, gender discrimination, racism, insults, or abuses.
3.        Signatures or avatars containing personal attacks, abuses, insults or advertisements.
4.        User IDs (avatars) prone to cause confusions with those of the forum administrators and moderators.
If there are violations of the above regulations, the forum moderator will shield relevant avatars or prohibit IDs, on a case-by-case basis.

IV.  Penalty Rules
Heavier punishment shall apply to the following situations:
1.        A user violates relevant rules deliberately or evades punishment or gets around rules in a deceptive manner.
2.        A user violates relevant rules many times. Those that continue to violate rules by registering other user IDs after being reprimanded will be subject to further punishment.
3.        A user maliciously violates rules, disrupts the order of the forum, or insults the moderator due to dissatisfaction with the punishment administered by the moderator.

V.  Complaints and Punishments
1.        When a user discovers and reports posts or replies that violate relevant rules, the forum moderator or administrator will handle the relevant cases after verification, and can reward the informer at their discretion. If a report proves to be false, the moderator/administrator will not take any action.
2.        A user is not satisfied with the handling of his post’s topic or content by the forum moderator or administrator and has ample evidence to clarify the situation. In this situation, please provide proof for the cause, process and result of the event in a truthful and peaceful manner to
If the event is verified as a violation, the original punishment will be upheld. If it is proven that the user hasn’t violated any laws, any penalty imposed will be revoked. The work done by the forum moderator will be reviewed, and supervision and assessment of the moderator will be strengthened.
3.        A punishment has been given and there are ample reasons for a report and evidence on the violation. The original punishment will be upheld even if the violator refuses to obey the decision. If the informer and the reported party attack each other using uncouth language on the forum or on other platforms, the forum has the right to administer penalties accordingly.
4.   Members of the forum have the right to appeal, and can file an appeal to the moderator or administrator in case of any unfair treatment, and describe the case in a calm manner to The administrator will handle the appeal and give feedback on the disposition results as soon as possible.

VI.  Disclaimer
1.        Users of the forum shall be held liable for all consequences arising from violation of the laws of the PRC, or the local laws of India and Singapore, or the rules of the forum. Meizu and the forum shall not take any responsibility.
2.        The forum will make prior announcement on suspension of services due to system maintenance or upgrading. When services are suspended due to hardware failure or other unforeseeable circumstances, Meizu shall take no responsibility for any inconvenience or losses caused during the suspension of services, but will do its utmost to reduce any losses and lessen the impact on users.
3.        Meizu takes no responsibility for any dispute or loss that is caused or might be caused to users of the forum for meeting and interacting with each other via the forum.


h_e_m_an Senior Member 30/10/2015 20:31
hi zachu you did the right work but it would be prefrable if you cut down it to rules of posting and thread making in simple words thats way more user would try to look up
zachu Senior Member 1/11/2015 18:20 From the mobile phone
I have highlighted important portion dear.
h_e_m_an replied at Oct 30 2015 20:31
hi zachu you did the right work but it would be prefrable if you cut down it to rules of posting and ...
Please make it as brief as possible. Doesn't feel like reading so much!

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